bęben uziemiający - bęben kabla uziemiającego - bęben kabla elektrycznego - zwijany bęben elektryczny
jordingsrulle - jordingskablerulle - elektrisk kablerulle - tilbagetrækkelig elektrisk rulle
jordningsrulle - jordningskablarulle - elektrisk kabelrulle - retraktabel elektrisk rulle
τυρβώνας γείωσης - τυρβώνας καλωδίου γείωσης - τυρβώνας ηλεκτρικού καλωδίου - αναδιπλούμενος ηλεκτρικός τυρβώνας
földelési tekercs - földelőkábel tekercs - elektromos kábel tekercs - visszahúzható elektromos tekercs
zemnící naviják - zemnící kabelový naviják - elektrický kabelový naviják - zatahovací elektrický naviják
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aardingshaspel - aardingskabelhaspel - elektrische kabelhaspel - intrekbare elektrische haspels
jordingsrulle - jordingskablerulle - elektrisk kablerulle - retraktabel elektrisk rulle

Grounding Reel


hava hortum makarası, hava hortum tamburu, çelik hortum makarası, hava makarası, hava tamburu, hava tanburu

Hose Reel


gıda hortum makarası, gıda hortum tamburu, gıda tamburu, gıda makarası

Hose Reel


Basınçlı Makara, Basınçlı Hortum Makarası, Basınçlı Su Hortum Makarası, Yıkama Makarası, Hidrolik Hortum Makarası, Basınçlı Tambur, Yıkama Tamburu, Otomatik Yaylı Tambur

Hose Reel


Our Standard Products: The Unchanging Address of Quality and Trust

At Euroreels, we take pride in offering a wide range of products designed to meet your industrial needs at the highest level. With expertise in spring hose reels, spring cable reels, and grounding reels, we aim to optimize your operations. Below are brief descriptions of our standard products. For more detailed information, you can explore the individual product pages.

  1. Automatic Retractable Hose Reels: In industrial and commercial applications, the organized and safe storage of hoses is paramount. Our spring hose reels prevent tangling and damage, ensuring prolonged durability. Their ergonomic and user-friendly design increases work efficiency and minimizes workplace accidents. The automatic retraction feature facilitates easy usage and storage of hoses.
  2. Spring Cable Reels: Secure and organized storage of electrical and data cables is critical for workplace safety and orderliness. Euroreels spring cable reels, also known as cable winding reel or spring cable reels, allow cables to be easily extended and automatically retracted when needed. This feature eliminates cable clutter and provides safe and efficient electricity transfer to devices and equipment in automation systems.
  3. Grounding Reels: Grounding reels are essential for safely discharging electrical charges from devices and equipment, especially in industries dealing with flammable and explosive materials, where safety is paramount. Euroreels grounding reels are practical, featuring an automatic retraction feature that eliminates cable clutter.

As Euroreels, we always prioritize high-quality standards and customer satisfaction in all our products. Each product undergoes rigorous durability and reliability tests before being offered to you. We are delighted to provide you with tailored solutions and expert assistance. Contact us today to discover tailored solutions and expert assistance for your industrial needs.