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In our standard model GTE-H-1.2-10, hoses such as air hoses, hydraulic hoses, high-pressure water hoses, and grease hoses can be wound. Unless otherwise specified, the reel is manufactured with a locking mechanism as an optional feature.

Types of Hose Reels:

The latching mechanism on our Euroreels reels consists of a rachet-and-pawl specially designed to prevent operator strain during hose usage. This mechanism ensures that the hose remains fixed at the desired length during operation.

For a retractable hose reel, the latching mechanism allows for automatic retraction of the hose when it is pulled out to the desired length and then released, ensuring the hose does not extend excessively.

Euroreels Hose reels offer a range of benefits, making them a preferred choice in various industrial and domestic applications. Here are some reasons to use hose reels:

  • Organization and Safety: Hose reels keep hoses neatly wound, preventing clutter and maintaining an organized workspace. This is crucial for safety, as a tidy environment reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Prolonged Hose Lifespan: Hose reels ensure that hoses are wound properly, preventing damage such as kinking, cracking, or wear and tear, thus extending the hose’s lifespan.
  • Time and Labor Savings: Using a reel instead of manually organizing hoses saves time and labor. Quick and easy winding and storage make work processes more efficient.
  • Protection of Hoses: Hose reels protect hoses from external factors, preventing damage from environmental elements, sunlight, or abrasion.
  • Professional and Neat Appearance: A hose reel provides a professional and tidy appearance by keeping hoses organized in workplaces or homes.

In conclusion, using a hose reel enhances safety, extends the life of your hose, and makes work processes more efficient.

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