GTE-H-5.16-10 Industrial Hose Reel

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Euroreels spring driven automatic hose reels designed for industrial use offer maximum comfort for the user.

Our model GTE-H-5.16-10 can be used to coil various types of hoses, including air hoses, hydraulic hoses, high-pressure water hoses, and grease hoses. Unless specified otherwise, the reel comes with a locking mechanism to keep the hose in place.

The lacking mechanism on industrial hose reel is specifically designed with a pawl and ratchet system to hold the hose at the desired length, reducing strain on the operator during use.

This mechanism allows the hose to remain fixed at any given length and automatically rewinds the hose when released.

Euroreels industrial hose reel offers several advantages, making them a preferred choice for various industrial and domestic applications. Here are some reasons to use hose reels:

  1. Organization and Safety: Hose reels keep hoses neatly coiled, preventing clutter and maintaining an orderly workspace. This is crucial for safety, as a tidy environment helps prevent accidents.
  2. Extended Hose Life: Hose reels ensure hoses are coiled properly, preventing damage such as kinking, cracking, or wear. This extends the hose’s lifespan.
  3. Time and Labor Savings: Using a reel to manage hoses saves time and labor compared to manual coiling. It enables quick and easy storage, making work processes more efficient.
  4. Hose Protection: Hose reels protect hoses from external factors. This prevents damage from environmental elements, sunlight, or abrasion.
  5. Professional and Tidy Appearance: Hose reels allow you to store hoses neatly, presenting a professional and organized appearance in both workplace and home settings.
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EuroReels stands out as a leading brand in industrial hose reel, air hose reels, hydraulic hose reels, cable reels, and all types of hose and cable reels. Known for superior material quality and durability, EuroReels offers effective solutions for industrial use.

EuroReels provides a wide range of products with automatic or manual models, various mounting options, and different hose lengths to meet user needs with flexible and customizable solutions. With a focus on reliability, EuroReels designs hose and cable reels to exceed user expectations.

EuroReels is advancing as a trusted choice in the industry, focusing on customer satisfaction. Renowned for its quality and performance, EuroReels is a reliable partner for all your hose and cable reel needs.