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Euroreels Products: The Address of Quality and Trust

As Euroreels, we take pride in offering a wide range of hose reels and cable reels designed to meet your industrial needs to the highest standards.

Specializing in spring hose reels, spring cable reels, and grounding reels, our company aims to streamline your operations with high-quality and durable solutions.

  • Automatic Retractable Hose Reels: In industrial and commercial applications, the orderly and safe storage of hoses is of great importance. Our spring hose reels prevent hoses from tangling and getting damaged, ensuring long-lasting use. These ergonomic reels are user-friendly, increase work efficiency, and reduce workplace accidents. They integrate seamlessly with autonomous systems, allowing hoses to work effectively with moving systems.
  • Spring Cable Reels: The safe and organized storage of electrical and data cables is critical for workplace order and safety. Euroreels spring cable reels allow cables to be easily extended and automatically retracted when needed. This feature eliminates cable clutter and contributes to a more orderly work environment. Also known as energy transfer reels in the market, they provide electrical power to devices and equipment in moving parts of automated systems.
  • Grounding Reels: These are used to discharge electrical charges on devices and equipment, creating a safe environment in work areas. Grounding reels are crucial, especially in industries dealing with flammable and explosive materials. They are easy to transport and practical to use, ensuring your business complies with safety protocols.

As Euroreels, we prioritize high-quality standards and customer satisfaction in all our products. Each product undergoes durability and reliability tests before being offered to you. We are pleased to serve you with solutions tailored to your needs and our expert team. For more information about our products and to find the best solutions for you, please contact us through our contact form or via email/phone.