What is a Fuel Hose Reel?

Fuel hose reels are industrial devices used in fuel transfer operations that automatically rewinds the fuel hoses, allowing the hose on the reel to move while the supply hose remains fixed at the reel’s inlet.

Manufactured to specific standards, Euroreels fuel hose reels are indispensable at fuel distribution points and in the field. They enable the organized storage of unused hoses, maintaining the station or distribution point’s order and ensuring safe hose storage. This organization also enhances workplace efficiency.

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Fuel hose reel is designed with a latching feature. The locking mechanism ensures that the spring tension in the reel is not transferred to the operator during use, allowing for comfortable operation.

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A simple pull and release disengages the locking mechanism, triggering the automatic rewinding of the hose.

Euroreels fuel hose reels are generally equipped with an automatic rewinding mechanism and are available in spring-driven or electric motor-driven options. Additionally, manual fuel hose reel is offered under the EuroReels guarantee.

Once the fuel transfer is complete, the reel automatically rewinds the hose, which can be released by the user, with the aid of the spring or motor. This provides:

  • Practicality for the user.
  • Organized storage of the fuel hose.
  • Prevention of potential hazards.
  • Elimination of hose crushing risks, save additional costs.

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  • Fuel Stations: Used to transfer fuel to vehicles, the fuel hose reel extends from the pump to the vehicle, providing ease of use and organized hose storage.
  • Transport Vehicles and Equipment: Trucks, buses, and other transport vehicles use fuel hose reels for refueling from their tank systems or during transport operations.
  • Agricultural and Construction Sites: Agricultural machinery, construction vehicles, and other mobile equipment use fuel hose reels for refueling on-site.
  • Storage Tanks: Large-scale fuel storage tanks, as well as ship and aircraft fuel storage systems, utilize fuel hose reels.
  • Airports: Fuel hose reel is used for refueling operations.
  • Military Vehicles: Used for refueling on difficult environments

These areas represent typical uses of hose reels, but applications can vary based on specific needs and requirements. It is important to carefully review the technical specifications and safety requirements of a hose reel before use.

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Fuel hose reels offer several advantages. They are used to make fuel transfer and storage processes more efficient, safe, and organized. Here are some reasons to use Euroreels fuel hose reel:

  1. Order and Cleanliness: Fuel hose reel store hoses in an organized manner, preventing unwanted leaks and tangles.
  2. Portability and Ease of Use: A hose wound on a reel is portable and easy to use, facilitating controlled and orderly fuel transfer.
  3. Safety: Designed to store and protect hoses securely, fuel hose reel make the hoses resistant to environmental factors, impacts, and other potential hazards, ensuring safe fuel transfer.
  4. Durability and Longevity: Manufactured without compromising on quality, our fuel hose reels are made entirely of steel, except for the necessary plastic parts, ensuring the product’s longevity.
  5. Professional Appearance: Fuel hose reels provide a professional look to the workplace. Properly wound hoses contribute to the overall organization of the facility.